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the transparent eyeliner, the latest novelty to try

We knew the trends for graphic eyeliner, reverse eyeliner, or even the classic line that we choose to wear black or colored for a pop make-up. We thought theeyeliner no longer had any secrets for us. However, on social networks, professional makeup artists have innovated with a whole new way to highlight the look. A method that is original, surprising, daring and super cool.

A few days ago, influencer May Tahmina shared a makeup tutorial video on Instagram. The Englishwoman has imagined a new offbeat way to enhance her eyes. As a make-up artist addicted to eyeliners of all kinds (rainbow eyeliner, Louis Vuitton or Nike eyeliner and even flame eyeliner), she tried her hand at transparent graphic eyeliner.

Transparent eyeliner: how to reproduce it?

Transparent eyeliner, by definition, cannot be seen. But what does the result of this makeup trend look like? Well it’s simple, May Tahmina works the outline of her transparent eyeliner. Using a flat brush with straight bristles, the young woman applies a clear concealer at the level of his eyes by forming a more or less wide eyeliner. She then fixes everything with a translucent powder.

The rendering is hypnotizing by its particularity and fresh. This is exactly the kind of beauty that we love to wear during the summer period. Finally, we can also highlight the ease the tracing of the transparent eyeliner. Ideal for people who have trouble applying the classic colored eyeliner. As a bonus, it does not ask to have make-up products that cannot be found. On the contrary, you probably already have all the necessary equipment to succumb to the trend of transparent eyeliner.

A make-up trend that sublimates all skin tones

In any case, Internet users seem to appreciate this new makeup trend and seem to want to adopt it in turn. “I love the idea of ​​drawing a transparent eyeliner”, “I really like this beauty treatment”, “I absolutely have to try this method”can we read in the comments, just below the influencer’s post.

A few days after the publication of the video of May Tahmina, it is another star of the social networks who seized the trend. Wendy Asumadu was actually inspired by May Tahmina’s beauty makeover to create her own sheer eyeliner. She thus proved that on matte skin, as on black skin, the summer makeup trend highlights all the looks and all the complexions perfectly.

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