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the trend that will surpass jeans this summer, according to our Fashion Journalist

Notice to jeans cargomake way for the new hype summer. So we name the crochet pants, ready to be grabbed by the most influential fashionistas of our generation. Sometimes black or white and colored, in cotton lace, or in fine wool, this trousers boho-folk crochets strong ties with knitted bucket hats, dresses and cardigans, which had been popular until then. A strong comeback for this ancestral sewing technique, which owes nothing to chance.

Elevated to the rank of the most adored manual activities during confinement, the hook disjointed with his memorizing image, being praised by the girls with the style that throws it. Last year, the trend was revived by Ella Emhoff, the daughter-in-law of Kamala Harris, current vice-president of the United States, who praised it on her Instagram account. Afterwards, Hailey Bieber, Gigi Hadid and more of their style buddies followed suit on the march en route, profiling their finest crochet garments.

Crochet pants: the fashion trend of the summer

This year, it is a question of only one element. the crochet pants. Slender on the catwalks of the Spring-Summer 2022 Fashion Week Through the Alberta Ferretti, Jonathan Simkhai and No.21 fashion shows, these openwork trousers were therefore predestined to success. And it is now done. This summer, for the charm to work, we prioritize flared cuts and flared bootcuts, and white, ecru, beige or black crochet trousers, which are an ode to summer. Maje, Mango, Zara, Sssense and Rotate, but also many other ready-to-wear brands reinterpret the crocheted pants as we dreamed of.

If the summer season is the rendezvous of clothes in hookthis technicalfor tying a thread to make a fabric ” it’s nothing new. And for good reason, the history of crochet dates back to the beginning of the 18th century, but it was only from the 20th century that, less expensive, it became the substitute for lace, in France, Great Britain and the United States. -United. Still seducing the crowd of fashionistas in 2022, crochet-mania is converting aficionados with its own unique Woodstock allure.

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