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the trick of Nivea cream what not to do

With the arrival of sunny days, everyone has only one desire. To enjoy the sun. Summer is coming and we will once again be able to display a nice tanned complexion. On social networks, everyone is doing their little trick. However, not all of them are good to take. Indeed, the best advice we can give to someone who wants to have a beautiful tan is simply to protect their skin with a Solar cream.

On social networks, you don’t have to be an expert to share your tips. Anyone can speak. Lately it’s Greg des Marseillais who wanted to give beauty advice to his community. On Snapchat, the reality TV candidate filmed himself to reveal the method he preferred to speed up your tan. “Little advice of the day (…). Me, I tan with the Nivea. Really, try!”, he launched.

An intense tan with Nivea cream?

According to him, the results would be incredible. “You are going to have a deep tan”, he asserted. Greg Yega is not the only one to use this technique to intensify his tan. However, this is not the best beauty recommendation to follow. Indeed, if the Nivea Blue Cream is excellent for caring for your skin, it is not at all made to help with tanning.

As a reminder, Nivea’s blue cream is a very rich and fat. Applying this treatment to your body just before exposure to the sun is ultimately the same as coating yourself with monoi oil. In other words, your skin will burn. As a reminder, without sun protection, you expose yourself to burns, skin diseases or even premature skin aging (spots, wrinkles, sagging, etc.).

Fair, mestizo or black skin: mandatory sunscreen

Following the publication of this Snapchat video, and after having drawn the wrath, Greg Yega took the floor to to alert. “On the other hand, the sun is very very dangerous. You still have to protect yourself from the sun, put on protection. Me, if I put Nivea, it’s because my skin is used to it and I have brown skin. I can afford to wear Nivea” he said. However, whether you have light or dark skin, your skin will inevitably burn in the sun if you do not wear protection.

For a beautiful tan, opt instead for treatments designed especially for this purpose and incorporating an index SPF. Instead, we advise you to use your Nivea blue cream as a day cream for the face. We recommended it to you a few days ago. Indeed, a Briton compared Nivea (€1) and La Mer (€490) creams on each of her cheeks and the result was unexpected!

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