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These 2022 fashion trends approved by model Laura Bensadoun (and her selection)

With its 263k subscribers on instagram, Laura Bensadoun aka @laubsd, knew how to make this social network his playground, by publishing series of singular photos, which would almost tell the story of his life. A life worthy of a globetrotter who until then was shared between Paris and the United States, and more particularly New York, where the content creator lived for 4 years. Finally, it is in the city of light that Laura now entrusts us with living from day to day, while free from her many occupations.

I like to travel and be free to work from wherever I want »

A graduate of EFAP, a school of communication and journalism, and after having pushed the doors of the world of modeling from the age of 16, the young woman then turned to entrepreneurship in order to add additional strings to her bow. Side by side with her sister Candice, they then founded their swimwear brand Midnight bath, almost three years ago. Enough to respond to their common desire to have always wanted ” create something together “.

Of model at business woman, Laura Bensadoun has since forged strong ties with fashion, her favorite field, and inspires her community a little more every day, and us too. Encounter.

What do you think is the secret to a successful outfit?

In my opinion, the first priority is comfort. You can wear very beautiful pieces but if you are uncomfortable in them it shows. I always choose outfits that look like me and in which I feel good, and comfortable to move. The accessories change too! A simple outfit worn with beautiful jewelry or a pretty bag changes everything. In winter, I like to play with layers and layer pieces like a sweater, a shirt, a suit jacket and a coat. oversized.

What are the fashion basics in which a woman should invest?

I think it depends on each woman, but for me it’s bags, shoes, and (winter) coats. These are things that I prefer to invest in and know that I will really keep them for the long term.

What trendy pieces would you recommend to young women?

I’m a fan of my boots Dr Marteens Jadon at platforms. Probably my favorite pair of shoes. They go with everything, elevate the leg, are affordable and super comfortable. Otherwise, I really like babies with heels at the moment. Worn with small socks and a dress I find it super hot.

What about women over 50?

Again, wear what you feel comfortable in and especially what makes you happy. I find it a shame to hear that at such and such an age we should no longer wear certain things. I don’t really agree, I find that there are no rules. I really like the style of Charlotte Gainsbourg, for example, who, at 50, still has a style that is still as cool and rock as before.

What fashion trends have you adopted in 2022?

“Penny Lane” faux fur coats. The Charlotte Simone brand makes lovely ones and I’m a total fan. This year I really like moccasins worn with socks and dresses, and babies with heels. Bows – as hair accessories – are also a trend that I have returned to (I wore them several years ago!).

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