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these 3 piercings will be the most fashionable this season

Who says “new season”, says “new”! And if on the occasion of the imminent arrival of thesummer, we fell for new piercings? Like the tattoo, the piercing has always been very fashionable. However, from one year to another (and even from one season to another), trends evolve. But then what piercings to do before going on vacation in the sun? Without further ado let us take stock of the face and body piercings which will be the most fashionable in the coming months.

You couldn’t miss it. Whether it concerns make-up, hairdressing or even fashion, 90s and 2000s have signed their big comeback. Fashion is an eternal beginning… and even when it comes to piercings. In other words, the piercings that you had abandoned or even hated in recent years are becoming very trendy again.

Piercings: the return of trends from the 90s and 2000s

If you grew up in the 90s, you probably did in the 2000s. navel piercing. Did you remove your jewelry? It’s time to put it back! Miu Miu relaunched the low-rise mini skirt trend a few weeks ago. So yes, we again show our belly whose navel is highlighted with the help of a pretty jewel. The must to play it 90’s thoroughly? A navel ring having a pendant butterfly.

Also very fashionable several years ago, then neglected: the septum ! The piercing that crosses the two nostrils of the nose has been revived by Rick Owens, Courrèges and Coperni. More daring, unlike the navel piercing, it can be more difficult to hide. This year, the septum is worn with elegance. For example, you can bet on a very small ring set with diamonds.

Snakebite, the new kid

snakebite trend

All the trendy piercings for this summer 2022 will not only be revisited fashions. There will be a new kid on the block, and it’s our favourite: the snakebite. In French, understand “snake bite”. Why such a name ? Quite simply because it imitates the bite of a snake. This is not really ONE piercing, but a DOUBLE piercing. Kaia Gerber, Cindy Crawford’s daughter has already adopted him; and we love the result. Often placed at the level of the helix, it is possible to make the snakebite more or less high on the ear.

As a reminder, and if these piercings tempt you, remember to choose your piercing parlor. Don’t go to the first professional you find on your way, and even less to someone who will offer you belly button, septum or snakebite piercings with a gun. First, it is a violent method that breaks the cartilage and is more painful than the needle technique. Finally, this type of piercing exposes you to more risks of infection.

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