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These are the 5 fashion trends for 2022 to adopt to make a splash after 50 years!

At the turn of this new year it seems that the meteoric rise of a handful of clothes and accessories is already all set. Because who says 2022, necessarily means the arrival with great fanfare of news fashion trends, each more desirable than the other. And while one might think wrongly that the majority of them are only dedicated to millennials and Gen Z, the truth is quite different since these innovative or utilitarian pieces are the solution to Fifty years old who wish to assert their style, their true.

What are the 2022 fashion trends to adopt in the past 50 years (and even before)?

The blazer and the tweed

Whether it’s a shirt or a jacket, tweed is the ideal prerogative for all women over 50 who want to show that fashion is their favorite field. All in all, we advise you to wear the clothes in tweed by touch, and not in total look to avoid carving out a memorizing outfit. The best combo? A tweed blazer, straight or flared jeans, immaculate sneakers and a turtleneck.

The sleeveless jacket

Timeless, the sleeveless jacket has many assets in its sleeves … And for good reason, this jacket that the fairer sex has appropriated over time is the ally to find everything to surf on the trend of layering. In other words, to be able to layer clothes as we see fit.

Faux fur

A big “YES” for the return of the sheepskin or synthetic fur coat, already spotted on the backs of fashionistas of all generations. But beware, for the magic to operate in terms of style, the trick is to wear your jacket sheep’s skin with pants, a skirt or a dress that will contrast with its aspect as rustic as it can be glamorous.

Leather pants

Because it has managed to make a comeback by conquering the front of the fashion scene, leather pants are the very essence of a stylish wardrobe. And this, no matter how old you are. The secret ? Associate your leather trousers to clothes that will temper its sulphurous allure. We think of a trucker sweater, but also a bathrobe coat.

Quilted jacket

Inspired by fishing and hunting jackets, the quilted jacket promises to be on all fronts in 2022. Long or short, these resolutely trendy down jackets have the advantage of being worn with almost all of our clothing.

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