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These are the gloves that will make you the most elegant and sexy woman this winter

While in 2021, it was more a question of surgical gloves in conversations, this time our interest is on gloves sewn to keep us warm, and prevent our hands from being in the open. And if you were wondering which models are the models that fashionistas elect as trends this winter, it is not about woolen gloves as it is traditionally a question, but of leather gloves, decidedly sexy. A surprising stylistic diversion that takes us back in time.

Which gloves for women to choose this winter 2021-2022?

If today the gloves experience their heyday every winter, yet their origins date back to Antiquity, a historical period during which they were used to pick wild blackberries. But it was not until the 13th century that high society seized the gloves, which then become the new stylistic attribute of social women, and even a real symbol of social distinction. They are then in silk or linen, and go up to the elbow.

Their resolutely elegant cut inspired in particular Queen Elizabeth I in the 16th century, who revived the trend of gloves ornamented, embroidered and set with precious stones. Today ? We set our sights on various versions of long gloves Where courts, which have one thing in common: leather, real or synthetic, which revives the notion of gloves as we no longer expected. And for added style, we recommend that fashion experts and amateurs set their sights on long gloves, in order to call to charisma, the true one.

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