Tuesday, January 4, 2022

updated on Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Fashion trends 2022: these clothes and shoes to assert your style in the past 50 years

Obviously, the 2022 fashion trends are synonymous with confidence and femininity, stung by an ounce of masculinity. And because trendy clothes are aimed at both young and mature women, let’s discover the pieces to adopt at 40, and 50 years past and even before.

At the time of body positive, more than ever, fashion is aimed at all style buffs, regardless of their age, morphology or their clothing desires. And one thing is certain, the fashion trends 2022 introduce themselves as perfect allies for women Fifty years old, eager not to refuse anything in terms of style. From bathrobes from skirts, through pants and coats, everything is possible when it comes to fashion, as the clothes and shoes from our selection prove.

Our selection of 2022 fashion trends to shine at 50

From charming wardrobe basics, to innovative fashion pieces, the clothes and accessories selected by the Marie France editorial team are sure to seduce Fifty years old that are not lacking in style. And for good reason, all reinterpreted to boost their fashion quotient, these clothes and shoes can be worn with ease and as a bonus bring the audacity that we expected.

In our sights? One trucker sweater striped black and beige, which takes up the nautical codes of the striped sweater, a dressing gown retro tattooed prints Mango which reflects the style of the 1970s, platform ankle boots and square toe, low waist pleated pants… Proof that the timeless pieces of our fashion wardrobe evolve over time to continue to seduce their most loyal followers.

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