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these cuts to conceal a large forehead

Let’s face it, we are all very demanding with our appearance and we could have a perfect head that we would still find flaws. If some don’t like their cheeks, others their ears, some complex about the size of their forehead. If you’re still on the lookout for little tricks to hide it a bit, here’s some cuts to achieve this while being very stylish.

Large forehead: which haircut to choose?

Having a large forehead is not a defect but simply a physical attribute that you have to know how to tame and appropriate. To reduce its size, you can count on your haircut. For the Schwarzkopf hairdressers, the first favorite solution of women is the bangs. It makes it possible to camouflage it completely or at least in large part and thus to restore the proportions of your face. What do we like? It comes endlessly in a curtain fringe style, tapered, straight.

To give volume and detach the attention from your forehead, opt for beautiful waves in your lengths. If your hair is naturally curly, tame your front locks to perfection to enhance your face and forget about the forehead.

What haircut to avoid when you have a big forehead?

To redirect the attention away from your forehead, even if the only person who is probably obsessing over it is you, we will simply stay away from too short bangs. Hairstyles pulled back like ponytails or buns will tend to clear the forehead and therefore put it forward. This problem is forgotten if you have a fringe or a lock that remains detached on the other hand.

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