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these cuts to favor when you are round

As we enter a summer period conducive to weddings and the ceremonies that arrive with great fanfare, the moment is perfectly chosen to draw up the list of bridal trends that will mark 2022. Among them, let’s take a closer look at the wedding dress the most desirable of the year, and in particular the most rewarding cuts for curvy women.

Which wedding dress cuts to choose when you are round?

Whether you have curves in the stomach, wide thighs and developed hips, the plus size wedding dress cuts recommended by our Fashion Journalist are idyllic. And for good reason, the latter adapt brilliantly to luscious curves, and prove that the wedding dresses plus size can be just as rewarding as any other models.

Whether they are made-to-measure, ready-to-wear or made in a specialized workshop, the wedding dress adapt to all morphologies. And here are the cups to turn to when you are round.

trapeze wedding dress

Echoing the geometric shape that gives it its name, the trapeze dress is obviously one of most rewarding cuts for curvy women. Between a marked size that flatters generous curves, and a length that flares out evenly from the chest, the trapeze dress has all the right morphological points. First designed by French couturier André Courrèges in the 1960s, this retro-futuristic cut is an integral part of wedding dresses categorized as sensual and sculptural.

The empire wedding dress

Back for good since the rise of the series The Bridgerton Chroniclethe empire dress takes on a bridal look that will make all the women who wear it shine on their wedding day. marriage. Why do we love it? Quite simply because the empire wedding dress is one of the most rewarding cuts when you are round since it consists of a bustier that enhances the chest, and flares out from below the breasts. A stylistic detail allowing it to hide the curves and D’flatten the stomach. A final point? The empire dress has the bridal aesthetic any bride could dream of.

The slit wedding dress

Otherwise known as a “split dress”, the slit dress turns into one wedding dress outstanding. The reasons ? They are multiple, starting with its signature side slit, which allows the future bride who wears it, to reveal part of her legs with extreme elegance, all in subtlety. A cut that is particularly resolutely rewarding when you have curvesdeveloped thighs and hips, since the split dress lengthens and refines the legs.

The backless wedding dress

As elegant as it is sensual, the open back dress is a wedding dress cut perfect, since as its name suggests, it reveals the back and sometimes even the lower back with the greatest distinction. We love it all the more when it is adorned with buttons, lace and any other ornaments sewn on the back.

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