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these flat and comfortable shoes that lengthen the legs

Faithful subscribers to the cloakroom shoe in winter, waders, riding boots and combat boots give a hard time to fashion lovers, who dread wearing heels for fear of not being trendy. And yet who says tendency, does not necessarily say uncomfortable since many pairs prove that they are worth the detour, and ensure to delight lovers of flat shoes. But a simple selection of shoes without heels would not be worthy of the name. Thus, the editorial staff scrutinized the various boots and ankle boots, but also the sneakers, to retain only those which will refine your legs.

Flat shoes: these boots, sneakers and babies without heels that lengthen the legs

If we often think that military rangers and other pairs of boots and boots mastoc weigh down the legs, the truth is quite different. And for good reason, the bulky and imposing aspect of these shoes acts as an unstoppable trompe-l’oeil, which gives the impression that the legs are all the more slender. Pairs that catch our editorial attention? Mango leather and wool boots, which are surfing the trend sheep’s skin, but also the rubber boots Zara and JustFab, recognizable by their notched soles, which stand out as all-found alternatives to the usual heels.

On the sidelines, we advise you to hurry up to get the signature Balzac Paris sneakers, identifiable by their leopard patterns that highlight the ankles, and will allow your stretch silhouette. Finally, and above all, we greatly approve of Monoprix flat babies, which in addition to being offered at low prices, will allow you to ensure style without taking any risk with heels.

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