Wednesday, February 23, 2022

updated on Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Ready to refresh its data to make a stylistic transition towards spring, the fashion trends book now dedicates its cover to floral dresses whose sun capital is about to dazzle us. What dresses to order? Follow the leader.

Because they wake up any dressing room, floral dresses are essential to acquire at all costs if you want to optimize your fashion locker room approaching the spring. A recurring phenomenon since each year, the rflowered obes give way to their fall alternatives to take over as soon as spring arrives, and once again, the passing of the torch is assured. And for good reason, under the impetus of ready-to-wear brands, dresses printed with flowers begin to win back the hearts of their fervent admirers.

Spring 2022: which floral dresses to choose to be trendy?

To take the fold on the style side, let’s bend to the nuggets abounding in the racks of our favorite labels. Padded with shoulder pads doll dress at Asos, bohemian hippie on the Ba&sh side, wallet or wrap-over top on the Galeries Lafayette side, fitted with gathers according to Isabel Marant, or long and retro according to Mango… The spring 2022 floral dress reinvents itself from every angle.

Faced with this showcase of models, it may seem difficult to make an optimum choice. Our advice? Focus on two types of floral print dresses. Starting with the inspirational dress sweet life recognizable by its bucolic pattern and its sweetheart neckline. In the background, we recommend that you grab a long dress inspiration folk. Be that as it may, as long as the chosen model is adorned with flowers, the gamble is already almost a success.

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