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these light and rewarding models that will quickly make you forget the jeans!

Because they concern everyone, women as well as men and children, the pants need revival to refresh data mode. And what other season if not the spring to be a pretext to wear fluid pants ? Because if in autumn and winter we prefer to adorn our dressing room with rigid jeans and jogging pants dressed in thick cotton, in spring-summer the situation is somewhat changed since we have to rely on other stylistic alternatives.

Let’s understand pants made of breathable, light, almost airy material, which will delicately let the fresh air pass through to begin to get used to the milder temperatures. The good news ? The most refractory among us will no doubt also bow to this fashion effect, since the guide to spring 2022 trends places fluid pants at the forefront of essentials.

Fluid pants: the spring fashion trend that no one will escape

On Instagram, Pinterest, or in the street as well as around recent Fashion Week shows, flowing pants are ubiquitous. Long enough to cover the legs, and loose enough to blur and enhance all morphologies, these models casual bring a bonus touch of extra style to who rubs shoulders with the trend.

All in all, to make a real difference in terms of style this season, we have to respect the rule of double play since flowing pants go mostly with a shirt or a coordinated blazer, in order to create the perfect ensemble.

On the styling side, our Fashion Journalist recommends a non-exhaustive selection of models to slip into your shopping basket. When it comes to color palettes, opt for a pants preferably dyed in the star colors of spring, such as pink, orange and mostly green. As for the patterns, wear your choice more on vintage print pants like the 1970s, leopard or zebra as is already being discussed abroad… And in France even before the arrival of summer. What subjects do we prefer? Linen above all, silk and light cotton.

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