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these silk skirts to shine no matter your age and morphology

It is in perfect contenders for the title of fashion trendsthat silk skirts are making a strong comeback for this new spring era. Long or short, monochrome or lined with floral or polka dot patterns, the satin skirts are the very reflection of timelessness, except that at each seasonal transition they must reinvent themselves. And unlike a lot of trendy clothes, the silk skirts combine the good points to seduce fashionistas of all generations. And this, regardless of the age at which we are attached, our morphological signature, or our style, since silk skirts are aimed at the general public. And it was enough to convince the artistic directors of the most prominent ready-to-wear brands of the moment, to reissue the trend version 2022.

What is the difference between silk and satin?

Often confused, the satin and the silk do not play in the same court. And for good reason, for its part, the silk is a natural and animal fibre, obtained from the secretion of a caterpillar, generally the caterpillar of the Bombyx of the mulberry tree. This is how the silk thread appears. On the sidelines, it’s not the same story for the satin, which although the material is similar to the lightness of silk, is actually the origin of a weave made from the particular intertwining of weft threads. The result is a silky, shiny and smooth fabric on the top, and matte on the reverse.

Silk skirt: how to wear the spring 2022 fashion trend?

Starting from these few fashion lessons, we are already well equipped to conquer the fashion sphere, equipped with the most beautiful satin skirts. All in all, to always have more style, the idea remains to seek to stand out. In other words, to find that extra bit of ultra-fashion that will inject an extra dose of style into our silk skirt. Thus, several schools exist to adopt this retro piece as it should.

To walk the city pavement during the day, the editorial staff recommends mixing a satin skirt with various striking accessories. To include leopard boots, faux leather cowboy boots, square-framed sunglasses, XXL hoop earrings, a baguette bag with a 1990s look… For an evening, we grab a skirt in silk that is associated with equally dressy clothes, without overdoing it. A clothing combo in mind? A satiny skirt paired with mules with heels or pumps and babies. All this, combined with a buttoned shirt-jacket, rolled up sleeves.

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