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these spring 2022 fashion trends to avoid wearing

Who says forty yearssays twice twenty years, and the double experience. And for good reason, generally, around twenty we seek each other on the style side, thirties we experiment and quarantine we finally meet. Thus, being over 40 is often the period when you know yourself by heart. It is the favorable moment from which we know what suits us and what does not suit us. The one where we continue to follow to the letter the fashion trends and apply them as model children.

All in all, we must recognize that although there are no rules or prohibitions, some of the clothing and accessories are all the more suitable for certain age groups, and should be avoided when we want to have an irreproachable appearance. The good news ? These fashion pieces not recommended to wear after 40 years have multiple trendy alternatives. And here are which ones to deny and what to replace them with have even more style than when we were 20 years old.

Fashion after 40: these spring 2022 trends to avoid wearing, and their alternatives

Long kept in our dressing room quarantine seasoned, these clothes and accessories that we thought were rewarding for our silhouette and our morphology finally provide the opposite effect. In any case, this is what happens with a handful of spring 2022 fashion trendswhich although they are held for clothing references are not necessarily the most appropriate when you have more 40 years. Miniskirt, crop top, ballet flats, statement collar, tight jumpsuits… A practical guide to clothes to avoid wearing.

The miniskirt

Spotted in full Fashion Week 2022the miniskirt stands out as one of the great spring fashion trends. Upholstered in Clueless-style checks, in leopard or zebra-style animal prints, in satin or simply in denim… The ultra-short skirt is the essential item to have in your seasonal wardrobe. The problem? After a certain age it is advisable to partially cover the legs to keep a part of chic.
The fashion alternative? The pencil skirt, which is summed up by a high waist and a long cut, which we prefer split ideally to highlight the legs. Something to reconcile elegance and modernity, adding a slight touch of eccentricity.


To avoid the old-fashioned woman-child look, our expert recommends forgetting the ballet flats which will provide the opposite effect than expected, by memorizing our look rather than rejuvenating it.
The fashion alternative?
Slingbacks, whose minimalist heel is traditionally less than 5 cm, or sneakers to stay flat and trendy in all circumstances.

The mini shorts

Yes, the mini shorts are trendy but are not necessarily the fashion piece to favor since this ultra-short garment emphasizes our hips and thighs.
The fashion alternative? Cycling shorts. Also fashionable, if not more than the mini shorts, the cycling shorts are the perfect alternative since they reveal the legs with great elegance.

The city bra

A fashion phenomenon since it gained credibility in the city, the bra is not, however, the trend that we would recommend to women over 40 who wish to place their look under the sign of refinement.
The fashion alternative? Bet on a slightly longer crop top that we associate with a high-waisted bottom of clothing like a pencil skirt.

The tight jumpsuit

Great fashion effect last winter, the tight jumpsuit or catsuit plays spring overtime. Only problem? The tight fit it is adorning itself with this season makes it a complicated garment to wear.
The fashion alternative? Dungarees or a slightly oversized.

The school collar

Spotted at Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot, Zara, Mango and many more of our favorite fashion brands, statement collars such as Claudine collars are however to be avoided when you are over 40 years old. The reason ? They memorize our look because of their unwavering vintage look.
The fashion alternative? Bet on an ostentatious collar which throws some. In other words, whose look is anything but old-fashioned and has that ultra-fashionable je-ne-sais-quoi that we appreciate wearing at any age.

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