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these summer fashion trends to favor

While one might think that wanting camouflage round arms would only be related to age, the truth is quite different. And for good reason, there is not necessarily a need to reach 40 years old, 50 years old or 60 years old and over to present certain complexes located in the armssince this is a phenomenon that affects various generations of fashionistas.

Thus, if wanting to hide them at all costs is not necessarily the answer to the problem, this solution nevertheless remains one of the best for the major part of the fairer sex, anxious to let a piece of skin stick out. What do we think? Every woman is beautiful, and deserves to feel good about your body keeping in mind that all silhouettes are different, and have their own body assets. All in all, if hide his arms remains an objective to reach for some, these stylistic tips established by our Fashion Journalist will solve these few concerns.

What clothes to avoid when you have big arms?

Obviously, when one wishes to give the impression of having thinner arms, it is better to avoid wearing voluminous sleeves on the length of the arm. The reason ? Balloon and batwing armholes add extra volume and weigh down the silhouette. Likewise, maximalist designs risk drawing too much attention to the arms, as do suspender straps and quilted materials. Fortunately, many trendy clothes and accessories can reverse the balance.

Hide your arms: what fashion tips to favor?

The mistake not to make is to focus only on your arms, which you would find too chubby, rather than see the silhouette as a whole. Because let’s not forget that a body is not just a single body area, but constitutes a harmonious whole, regardless of its morphology. All in all, when one wishes hide his arms, feminizing the body in such a way as to create balance, is a ready-made alternative. We think of revealing our ankles by wearing 7/8 pants or skirts, so as to contrast with the upper body which is a source of complex.

In the same vein, we opt for clothes with flowing or fitted sleeves, but not too tight so as not to sausage our arms. We turn to vaporous dresses with long flared sleeves that visually lengthen the arms, or to blouses and shirts with three-quarter sleeves that stop after the elbow to reveal the forearm and the wrist. We also approve the transparent armholes usually in tulle or mesh, moreover, are remarkably trendy. The final editorial advice? Mark the size to divert attention and mark the spirits.

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