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these trendy clothes that fatten the silhouette (and their alternatives)

Let us not be fooled by their notoriety, since under their air of essential fashion pieces to any self-respecting dressing room, some trends are not necessarily the most suitable for putting our assets in value. And for good reason, if on the side of the accessories the clumsy aspect of the dad shoes fails them, it is the same for some dresses, skirts, shorts, pants and coats which also add extra volume to our waist, our buttocks, our thighs or even our belly. And this, although we trust them. Because although doing a diet often imposes itself as the solution to which one thinks in priority when one wishes to appear thinner, losing weight is not the only possible alternative. And that’s when clothes come into play.

The clothes that thicken our silhouette, and their trendy alternatives

If our wish is to want to learn how to appropriate these fashion trends so that they flatter our silhouette more than they pack it down, let’s learn to distinguish them in order to transform them. But before embarking body and soul on this styling exercise, let’s take note of these few tips. First, to recognize the potential thickening of a garment you have to refer to its material. Silk, smooth or ribbed velvet or chunky knit thicken the silhouette rather than valuing it. Ideally replace them with cashmere, flannel, linen or fine knit.

In the same line, the choice of color clothing influences the final rendering. In other words, black, carmine, gray, beige, navy blue as well as the various dark tones have a power slimming visually speaking, unlike ostentatious prints such as checks or the checkerboard pattern, omnipresent this winter. At the same time, the trend of layering which consists of superimposing various layers of clothing brings excess volume to our outfit. Fortunately, many fashion alternatives exist to rectify the situation.

The paper bag

Adored by the most influential fashionistas of our generation, the paper bag is as trendy and stylish as it is thickens size. A sign of distinction that it owes in particular to the gathers voluntarily installed at the level of the waistband, which add an extra touch of style.
The fashion alternative?
Opt for pants paper bag with a flared cut, to flatter the legs and rebalance the silhouette. Similarly, belt the waist of the pants, roll up the hems, and associate it with a close-fitting top to play with volumes.

Cargo pants

Just like the paper bag, the cargo pants betray those who wish to appear thinner through clothing. What is it lacking? Its multipockets, representative of its military aesthetic, which increase the volume tenfold at the level of the legs.
The fashion alternative?
Opt as a priority for cargo in denim or monochrome cotton – black, beige or dark gray – and elevate it with colorful heels, which will draw attention to them. As a second choice, our Fashion Journalist recommends that you wear it with a belt and wear it high waisted.

The overshirt

Seasonal recurrence obliges, the overshirt resurfaces. Lighter than a jacket and thicker than a shirt, the latter has the ability to weigh down our silhouette, and in particular our belly, due to its cut and its composition, generally made of wool or leather.
The fashion alternative?
Wrap your waist with a belt, and wear the overshirt with adjusted and enhancing clothes to balance the whole. We think in particular of flared jeans -flare or bootcut-, a pencil skirt or boots with heels.

The checkerboard print

Obviously there is one: the checkerboard print and the ultimate trend of the season. The problem? The maxi checks of this pattern catch the eye and bring extra volume to our silhouette without anything being asked.
The fashion alternative?
Avoid wearing the checkerboard pattern with faux fur or any other thickening material, and prefer to wear this pattern by touch by betting for example on checkerboard gloves, a belt, a second skin top.

faux fur

At the height of the trend, faux fur dresses almost all trendy women. The penny lane coat, the teddy bear jacket… These clothes, as trendy as they are, nevertheless thicken our morphology because of their fur.
The fashion alternative?
Faux fur yes, but sparingly is even better. On the sleeves, or the collar, the shearling works just as well.

The oversized blazer

What would our article be without mentioning the suit jacket oversized. Because as trendy as it is, this oversized jacket nevertheless thickens our silhouette.
The fashion alternative?
Wrap the blazer with a belt, wear it as a dress, just pair it with fitted clothes.

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