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these trendy guest outfits to not do any style damage

While the invitation cards struggled to arrive over the past two years due to the pandemic, here they are ready to be welcomed into our mailbox, to let us know that the festivities have indeed resumed. Thus, whether we are Invited to a marriage or quite simply witness – or rather witness – the stylistic exercise is the same: find a guest outfit sensational. Among the infinity of model proposals that can be discussed the coveted title, there is however one to banish on the spot: the white dress, only reserved for the married, unless the latter authorizes them to be worn. Otherwise, the watchword to which it is good to stick is none other than the color. For this, our Fashion Journalist has everything you need on the shelves.

Which guest outfit to adopt according to the theme of the wedding chosen by the bride and groom?

Before proceeding with the acquisition of an outfit, it is essential to trust the twedding hemee to match her look. If the bride and groom have opted for an invitation to travel by betting on a country theme, the inspirations are rather well defined. Therefore, our style expert recommends betting on bohemian clothes, by their cut or their ethnic prints. On the sidelines, if the couple bridal opt for a princess wedding, the watchwords will of course be tulle, rhinestones, feathers and sequins, all for the occasion. If it is a reception at the pinnacle of chic and elegance, everything will go through well-adjusted clothing cuts. All in all, more relaxed, babydolls with satin highlights will do just as well.

From sobriety to eccentricity there is only one step. Thus, to choose your style side, it is better to refer to these few clothing indications. For the color, let’s bet more on the green neon and pastel pink or fuchsia, chosen as major fashion trends for spring-summer 2022. Regarding the patterns, the floral prints, artsy or folk are ideal. Starting from there, we keep our promise, that of depicting a selection of wedding guest outfits bathed in light, which are suitable for all women, in the prime of life or in their fifties. perfect in just a few clicks. Let’s make way for the festivities.

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