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these trendy models for a desirable outfit after 40 years

Synonym of wonder, the spring is the perfect excuse for fashionistas tired of seeing their spring clothes hibernating in their dressing room for months. The arrival of fine weather is above all the perfect opportunity to boost our looks and refresh our silhouette by acclimatizing to increasingly mild temperatures. And if there is one fashion piece essential to any self-respecting wardrobe, it is none other than the skirt. With the fluid fall that we prefer to cheer the first rays of sunshine, passing through resolutely flattering cuts, and a fabric pimped with colors and patterns conducive to spring, the skirt guaranteed wild success to those who wear it.

Spring 2022 skirt: which models to choose after 40?

Of all the possible and unimaginable variations of skirts that exist, we will only retain the cuts that most enhance the morphologies of all women, and in particular those over 40 years old. As a priority, our destiny goes inexorably through the wrap skirt elected big trend of spring 2022, which opens and crosses on the front or on the back then wraps itself thanks to a belt which one ties subtly. An ideal cut to highlight the footwork and size, regardless of our age.

In the background and not the least, we select the sarong skirtthe very symbol of idleness with a taste ofexoticism and chic. Because if this cut inspires cocktails and the beach, it is above all one of the most bankable skirts for spring 2022.

The new recruit in the fashion trend book of the moment? The openwork embroidered skirtwhich, like its dress rival with the same DNA, allows you to adopt this fashion effect by playing in half measures.

Summer 2022 skirt: which patterns and colors to choose?

Just like dresses, skirts are also entitled to specific selection criteria. Whether or not we have passed the quarantinethe stylistic references are the same as for the colors. The advice of our fashion journalist? Bet above all on vitamin shades like orange, bright yellow, but also pastel colors in vogue for spring and especially green.

In terms of patterns, our heart swings and swings between leopard print skirts as spotted at Zadig & Voltaire, or spotted zebra at Zara. The ultimate safe bet? The floral skirte with minimalist or ostentatious patterns in the style of XXL tropical flowers, which ensure a place in the category of the most sensual women of the year.

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