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these trendy spring 2022 dresses that slim the waist

As fashion makes its entrance, or rather its return to the spring, the timing couldn’t be more perfect to see dresses bloom by the thousands. Long or short, wide or narrow, all the variations are then considered so that everyone can find what they are looking for. All in all, let’s not be coaxed by all the fashion sirens because who says trend, does not necessarily say rewarding for all morphologies. A nuance, which makes the difference and on which bounces our Journalist, who tried his hand at going through the cabin in order to find out what the cuts of trendy dresses for spring 2022, which highlight all the silhouettes. And here are the things to remember.

Spring 2022 dresses: what are the cuts of dresses that make you look slimmer?

So many of dresses are jostling to obtain a free pass to have a place in our reference book, they are not all so lucky. And for good reason, among the myriad of trendy dresses this season, only 6 cuts are to be remembered as a priority since they slim down the waist and do look so much slimmer than their other rivals. Demonstrations.

The dress cut out or “cut out”

Because there is no better ally possible than the cut out dress, the latter is an integral part of our selection. The reason ? Its subtle cutouts on either side, which make the cutout dress a considerable charming asset to keep tidy in your spring wardrobe. These stylistic details allow the dress cut out to reveal part of the waist by refining and restructuring it in two steps. No matter our signature morphologicalthis cut of dress remains a reference to be taken into consideration.

NA-KD, beige cutout dress, 43.95 euros.

The wrap dress

Ultimate ally of women who want look slimmer without going through the diet box, the wrap dress is, as a bonus, listed in the spring 2022 fashion trends book. Its strength? This dress cut owes it in part to its generally fabric belt, fixed at the waist allowing it to wrap and adjust to it regardless of the type of morphology.

Vero Moda on, long floral wrap dress, 39.99 euros.

The backless dress

Sensual at will, the backless dress or backless dress is essential for any self-respecting fashionista. We love the enhancement it brings to the small of the back, and the extreme elegance it injects into the women who adopt it. Details that allow the backless dress to show the curves of the back and waist better than other dresses.

Mango, open back satin dress with draped collar, 29.99 euros.

The fitted dress

Like the wrap dress, the fitted dress is, as its name suggests, an ideal dress cut that adjusts to the waist like some people dream of. Whether it is distinguished by gathers at the belly, or simply by a belt sewn on it, the fitted dress is a fashion card to play.

Maje, veil dress fitted at the waist, 255 euros.

The split dress or “split dress”

Because it reveals the footwork like no other, the slit dress Where split dress is a safe bet on which to bet. Generally slit or even cut out from the thigh to the ankles, the slit dress is a sartorial trompe-l’oeil that suits both tall and short women.

Stradivarius, midi dress with crossed back and slit, 29.99 euros.

An openwork embroidered dress

Spotted by the Marie France editorial staff, the openwork embroidered dress is the ultimate ally to get when planning to place spring under the sign of trends. What allows him to refine the size? Its openwork appearance which creates the illusion by partially revealing a piece of skin.

Sandro, two-tone guipure dress, 345 euros.

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