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these trendy summer dresses that slim the waist

Obviously there is. The dresses, in all their glory, are blooming for the umpteenth time on the racks of the most prominent fashion brands. A triumphant return for these pieces, which although they never really left the dressing rooms fashionistas are resurfacing with a vengeance, shedding certain artifices and stylistic details rather reserved for past seasons. Forget the time of a few months thick woolen fleece dresses a bit too covering to focus on all that spring-summer fashion can offer us.

So let’s take sides by grabbing our choice of floral dresses, polka dot dresses, or even silk dresses, but not just to brighten up our fashion wardrobe before summer. All in all, faced with this wide choice of possible and unimaginable dresses, it often proves difficult to find the model that best suits our morphology. For these reasons, our Fashion Journalist brings his expertise.

What are the dresses that refine the silhouette?

Often a source of complexities, bulges in the stomach in the same way as a unmarked size (depending on whether one is associated with the morphologies in A, H and O) are generally body areas that one wishes refineand restructure. The good news ? Going on a diet is not necessarily the first solution we could go for since various cuts of dresses make it possible toslim the silhouette simply by being worn. But what are the trendy dresses preferred when you want look slimmer ? Fashion lesson.

The cut-out dress

Otherwise called cut out dress, the cut out dress is the best clothing ally on which a woman who wishes to refine your silhouette. A considerable asset, which this cut of dress owes in priority to its subtle cutouts at the level of the ribs which allow it to reveal part of the waist by giving the impression of restructuring it.

The backless dress

Contrary to popular belief, the dress with a halter top is ideal when you want an hourglass figure, since it creates the illusion by drawing attention to this area of ​​the body, and why not the lower back, by revealing the curves of the back and waist.

The wrap dress

Suitable for women with small breasts, the wrap dress is just as suitable for those who wish to refine their silhouette without going through the diet box. Its advantage? The wrap dress owes it to the belt in real fabric or trompe-l’oeil, which ties the waist to perfection.

The corset dress

If there is one dress cut to remember, it is none other than the corset dress. Combined with a romantic aesthetic, this cut of dress inspired by the Regency style has known a crazy success since the launch of the Netflix series, The Bridgerton Chronicle. Much more flexible and comfortable than an original corset, the 2022 version allows you to restructure the waist and enhance the chest and embrace body shapes.

The fitted dress

True to its name, the fitted dress usually consists of a fabric belt, allowing it to tie up the waist of the woman who wears it. No matter its length, the fitted dress works whether long or short.

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