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these tricks to look taller with sneakers

While the modosphere hurries towards the parades of the Fashion Week 2022it is not uncommon to see the trendiest girls of our generation take off their trusty pumps to pull themselves up on sneakers, devoid of heels which lengthened their dream legs until then. Too bad for their silhouette one might think, and yet, the sneakers are not outdone, however, since these pairs of dad shoes they also have the power to look taller those who wear them. So, if you too want to gain a few centimeters thanks to sneakers, pay attention to these few tips recommended by our Fashion Journalist which will allow you to follow the process.

Trendy sneakers: these tips to follow to lengthen the legs without wearing heels

Wear platform sneakers

Specifically, wearing sneakers with XXL soles is the ultimate good idea for gaining height without the risk of spraining an ankle. Whether it’s Converse Chuck Taylor Platformfrom Vans UA Old Skool Stacked or even Adidas Originals Forum Bonegaplatform sneakers are the easy way to lengthen your legs without wearing heels.

Wear sneakers with bare legs

Combined with shorts, a miniskirt or midi skirt or a short dress, the sneakers create a striking trompe-l’oeil effect that elongates the silhouette. The fashion combo we prefer? From sneakers worn with knee-high socks, barely visible shorts under a hoodie or a t-shirt oversizeddrawn from the men’s locker room.

Sneakers with leggings or tights

Although the leggings are banned from the fashion sphere, they are not to be forgotten. And for good reason, worn with sneakers that fall into the same sportswear category, then with clothing in the diametrically opposite style, such as tailoring, black leggings are the element that makes white sneakers stand out. Therefore, that helps to lengthen the legs.

Wear sneakers with a split pant

The ultimate winter fashion investment, pants with a split hem are the perfect partner for sneakers, since they have a slit at the ankles to taper the legs of those who wear them.

Roll up the hems of the pants

This trick is ideal for emphasizing the ankles, which seem all the more slender when wearing bulky sneakers. In addition to rolling up the hems of the pants worn, it is also possible to prefer wearing a cut of jeans that did the job on its own, as is the case with straight jeans that reveal the ankles.

Bet on socks

Long decried, the sneakers-socks combo is finally emerging as the most suitable for women who want to have an overdose of style in 2022. Its added value? Give the impression ofenlarge and refine the silhouette of those who consider it, thanks to the contrast imposed by the raised socks and the sneakers of opposite colors.

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