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this beauty tip for plumped skin in winter

Tonic, Serum, eye cream, lotion, day cream… What if we explained to you than reverse the order of application of your beauty products could have benefits for your skin ? All the details.

In order to allow the skin to better absorb all your beauty products, and therefore to derive all the benefits, dermatologists often recommend a very specific order. Very often we start with a tonic lotion, then the serum…. up to an SPF and you’re good to go for the day. So when a video posted on the networks proposes a totally reversed order to fight, among other things, against the drought of winter, our curiosity is piqued.

What does reverse skincare consist of?

Reverse skincare, or reverse beauty routine, consists, as its name suggests, in completely changing the order of application of your facial treatments. In recent weeks, this unusual technique has been touring networks. His promise? A radiant, hydrated complexion that appears plumped. And this despite the winter temperatures which tend to dry out the skin. Beauty expert glowwithava demonstrates it on these networks and the results seem to be there.

In concrete terms, how does that work ? Well, cleaning the face is the first step to remember, but after that the order of things is turned upside down. We start by applying the moisturizer in a thick layer. Unlike dermatology, which invites you to apply the finest textures first, for reverse skincare, you switch to toner and serum as the last step. The tiktokeuse even reveals one of her secrets: soak cotton pads in lotion and leave them on the face for about fifteen minutes.

Reverse skincare: what are the benefits for the skin?

If the results are stunning, is this method really beneficial in the long term? British site Refinery29 asked dermatologist Alexis Granite the question and her opinion was clear “The only potential results can be visual”. For Dr. Granite, the results will only be temporary, for an evening for a healthy glow. In the long term, your skin will not be more hydrated with a reverse skincare, on the contrary. “If you apply a moisturizer and then put on a toner, the liquid in the toner will sit on the cream and make the skin look more hydrated and dewy. Aesthetically, this might be a good tip for having a fresher complexion if you’re going out that night. But in terms of the benefits to your skin, there are probably very few. ” explains Alexis Granite.

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