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this cosmetic surgery operation that “worries” her husband

Last-minute change. This Monday, May 16, Amandine Pellissard took advantage of a live on Instagram to discuss her cosmetic surgery operation. Indeed, after having had recourse to injections of hyaluronic acid and botox, the star of Large families, life in XXL now wishes to afford a new chest.

The mother, who had planned to fly to Tunisia this Tuesday, May 17, finally changed her mind at the last moment, as she explained to her community.

Amandine Pellissard without a filter on cosmetic surgery: “I’m having surgery in a very short time”

And Amandine Pellissard to reveal the reason for this volteface: “ There was a small turnaround. I’m not going to Tunisia tomorrow because my darling didn’t want me to go so far “.

“Yeah, it’s been too far and it’s true that I’m worried. I did not want “, confirmed Alexandre Pellissard who has no intention of countering his wife’s plans.

Indeed, the best enemy of Soukdanove Gayat, who hopes to go from a B cup to a D cup, has finally decided to turn to a French surgeon.

“When we breastfeed, we no longer have the same breasts as before”

So I’m going to do it in Paris, I have an appointment for my breast augmentation and I am having the operation in a very short time.. This is so cool », she said, to the angels.

“It is true that he is right, in France, we have good surgeons, good care, good support”, continued Amandine Pellissard for whom her chest represents a real complex.I breastfed eight children, of course the mothers will understand. When we breastfeed, we no longer have the same breasts as beforeshe concludes. As a woman, I want to find my chest.

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