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this DANGEROUS trend worries dentists!

On social networks, trends are multiplying and it is clear that not all are equal! Indeed, if some are useful and have the art of making our lives easier, others do not want our good…

What is tooth filing?

Among those of most concern, we find in particular the filing of the teeth. It is mainly on Tik Tok that we have seen it crack down and spread!

Yes, the quest for the perfect smile seems limitless and some people stop at nothing to display perfectly aligned teeth… This trend is the perfect illustration!

Only here, dangerous for the dentition, the latter worries the professionals. The expert practitioners of the dental establishment Sana Oris testify to it, they tell us everything about this dangerous trend!

They begin by explaining the very principle of tooth filing, which consists of ” filing off part of the tooth enamel in order to change the shape of the tooth or shorten the teeth ».

A dangerous practice with very severe consequences

They argue that this technique is rarely used and even less recommended by dentists. And for good reason : ” If the filing is done by the patient himself, the consequences can be very severe”.

Damaged enamel, weakened teeth, increased sensitivity, disturbed alignment… Teething can really suffer from such a practice! Sana Oris practitioners insist: “ It should only be done with experts using the right equipment and on medical advice! »

To obtain an even more convincing result, and without danger this time, other solutions exist. Dental alignment (invisible gutters such as Invisalign) or the installation of dental veneers are part of this.

Admittedly, these techniques are much more expensive. But – unlike filing – they are not dangerous for the teeth. On the contrary, they protect them!

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