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This €12 organic foundation would be the best on the market, according to experts

Finding the perfect foundation is really not easy. It must correspond to our skin type, its problem, our expectations but also our preferences. To get your hands on THE ideal product, it is often necessary to try a lot. And if you’re still looking for the face powder which will sublimate your complexion every morning, perhaps you could trust the classification drawn up by the experts.

Recently, the magazine 60 Million Consumers sought to find out which were the best cosmetics offered by the beauty world. Toothpaste, nail polish… all product categories have been studied. Today, we are looking at foundations, and more specifically those bearing the mention “organic”. To determine which was the best, 60 Million Consumers combed through a dozen products, and here is the one that stood out from the others.

The best foundation is organic and vegan

As reported Biba60 Million Consumers named the foundation Boho Green Make-Up as the best organic foundation available on the market. Certified by the Cosmos Organic label, this make-up product is enriched with natural ingredients. Another positive point: it is packaged in a glass bottle and has no cardboard packaging. On the other hand, the Boho Green Make-Up fluid foundation incorporates a titanium dioxide pigment in its formulation. The magazine 60 Millions de Consommateurs points out that “the criteria of the label, in particular concerning nanoparticles, are supposed to limit the risks”. Rather reassuring.

In addition to having many advantages on the composition side, the fluid foundation offered by Boho Green Make-Up is a make-up product Low price. Accessible, it is very easily found in some pharmacies, at Monoprix and even in some organic stores (La Vie Claire, among others). If the product is currently available at 12 euros on the Beauté Privée site, it is also sometimes displayed at around 15 euros on discount pharmacy sites. Finally, people wishing to buy it directly on the brand’s website will find it at a price of 18.50 euros.

Other foundations that stand out

60 Millions de Consommateurs didn’t just announce THE best organic foundation on the market. The magazine has made a whole ranking after having tested more than ten references. Thus, Monoprix’s Make Up Bio foundation reached second place. Certified Cosmos Organic, this product also includes titanium dioxide “at the end of the formula (but meeting the criteria supposed to minimize the risks)”. The foundation Monoprix Organic Make Up also contains cornflower floral water and sweet almond oil for a gentle, skin-friendly formula.

And if in this heat, you’re looking for a foundation that lasts foolproof, the editorial staff has selected the 5 best products to have this summer. Resistant to heat, humidity and even perspiration, we have highlighted them all in this slideshow. All you have to do is find the one that best suits your skin and its expectations.

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