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this fashion trend refines the waist and enhances the chest

It is self-evident. The dress is the essential punctuation to avoid stylistic spelling mistakes in summer. Highly sensualshe is the surety anti-heat adequate to withstand rising temperatures, and is among the most seductive garments that combine with absolute femininity. Strengths that have earned him the title of fashion obsession, with the most cutting-edge celebrities in terms of style.

Once is not custom, not once, nor twice, but a multitude of stars appropriates in turn the ultimate fashion trend of the summer, the strapless dress. Relieved of straps to no longer chisel the shoulders, and dedicated to the extreme comfort promised by its signature corset, the strapless dress is the must-have item for any sartorial survival from now on.

Strapless dress: the fashion trend that refines the size of stars (but not only)

Claimed by a whole armada of stars, this cut of dress begins its rise. Remember Hailey Bieber at the 2022 Grammy Awards sporting a strapless dress Trumpet in ivory silk satin signed Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello. A minimalist dress cut of legendary simplicity, which could only ensure its mutation into a trend worthy of the name.

Such was the destiny of this close-fitting dress, which fitted the waist of Emily Ratajkowski, on May 12, when she came to the launch of the Michael Kors x Ellesse capsule collection, inaugurated in New York. For the occasion, the 30-year-old model molded her slender silhouette in a strapless dress orange with a retro look, and whose cut precisely enhanced its chest push up way. When we know the certain enthusiasm encountered for each of @emrata’s outfits, it was a safe bet that the hype would be launched.

Now it’s done. Proof of this is the sudden mutation of fashionistas who have since molded their silhouettes in similar strapless dresses. A crowd movement led by none other than Kendall Jenner, who also legitimizes the wearing of this 2000s fashion trend.

Summer 2022 fashion: how to wear the strapless dress?

Because it is almost self-sufficient, the strapless dress doesn’t need a lot of tricks to shine brightly. In the evening, we consider this cut of dress with bare shoulders with colorful wedge mules – green, orange, pink and purple preferably – with a baguette bag with rhinestones and sequins, as well as a blazer oversized to masculinize her aesthetic.

At work, we opt in priority for a long strapless dress and soberly stylized, black, white or any other discreet color since it is conducive to attracting attention naturally. On the feet, slip on a pair of cowboy boots or off-road sneakers, and complete the look with a denim jacket and a rigid faux leather hobo bag.

As for the outputs idleness, by the sea or in a bucolic setting, the strapless dress adapts to all circumstances. We love it all the more for its stylistic versatility, allowing it to be as elegant as it is relaxed. With colorful platform flip-flops, a scarf tied in the hair, sunglasses, and a butterfly belt… The strapless dress transforms all women into modern-day sirens.

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