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this hairstyle from the 2000s becomes the trend of the summer

Back in force on the front of the fashion and beauty scene, the 2000s style is finally gaining credibility today. The one called ” Y2K marks the restocking of everything that could have been in the wardrobe of that past era, which makes more than one of us nostalgic. From silk scarves and bandanas, to low-rise jeans, then in another register, butterfly barrettes like those worn by Léna Mahfouf at Coachella, the key elements of the beginning of the 21st century are once again becoming legion. And who says hair accessories, unmistakably says hairstyle. It is therefore quite natural that the mini braids impose themselves, until they become the summer 2022 hair reference.

Mini-braids: the hairstyle trend adopted by all the trendy stars

Whether it’s a simple minimalist braid, two pigtails or several that merge in the hair, the trend works as long as the latter are fine. And as with all fashion and beauty trends, the Fashion Week is always responsible for hype becoming, this time, it was necessary to count on Altuzarra, the New York ready-to-wear brand founded in 2008 by the eponymous Franco-American designer, Joseph Altuzarra. And for good reason, on the occasion of the spring-summer fashion week 2022, which the designer praised mini braids through his collection. At the forefront of the parade? None other than Gigi Hadid. Who says the Hadid clan, says a trend adopted in the wake of her youngest Bella, until converting the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

Far from being indifferent to this boho-chic hairstyle, Kendall and Kylie Jenner have profiled their most beautiful thin mats on the occasion of the latest Kylie Cosmetics campaign, the beauty label of the younger of the two sisters. Cast in summer-inspired purple outfits, the model and billionaire entrepreneur with 330 million subscribers on Instagram, have thus helped to relaunch the hairstyle trend. In the process, Camille Charrière seized it in turn, going so far as to style her hair in mini-braids for her wedding last November.

Mini-braids: from school desks to red carpets

If they remind us of the high school years, the thin mats echo Sharon Tate’s flagship hairstyle in the 1960s. And it was in 2019, when she climbed the steps at the Cannes Film Festival for the presentation of Quentin Tarantino’s film Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, that the Australian actress Margot Robbie had followed suit in this feline beauty treatment. This year ? Adopted Parisian Carla Ginola, Hailey Bieber, Léna Situations… The most influential personalities from the four corners of the beauty sphere claim to wear mini braids as expected by style enthusiasts of the 2000 generation.

How to do mini braids?

Make a straight parting in the middle of the skull. Take two locks on either side of the head, braid them and tie the hair with an elastic. Another option? Backcomb the ends using a comb and hairspray, to fix the mini-braids without elastic. A perfect twist, framing the face, whatever its shape.

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