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updated on Monday, February 21, 2022

If the predictions suggested that the sneaker trend would turn to Nike or Adidas, the fashionistas decided otherwise since it was finally the New Balance 327 that emerged as the best sellers, and the reference sneakers 2022.

As interest focused on sneakers Lidl largely inspired by Louis Vuittonthe pawns are now placed on the square New Balance, the sports equipment manufacturer founded in 1906, which has accustomed us for generations to reinventing the contours of sneakers. This time, it is none other than running enthusiasts and fashion aficionados who contribute to the performance of the American label, swearing only by the New Balance 327. A craze that owes nothing to chance since these legendary sneakers follow in the footsteps of the biggest current trends. And here’s how these pairs go about it.

New Balance 327: the sneakers that bring together the biggest trends of 2022

Between a striking 1970s aesthetic fused with contemporary curves, the New Balance 327 has everything to please. To add extra strings to his bow, these sneakers are enhanced by a wedge midsole with cleats that flares out at the heel in an angular fashion, which has become its signature. Enough to give the air of gum 2.0 to these sneakers who appeared for the very first time in April 2020 during the men’s show by Charaf Tajer: Casablanca, the Franco-Moroccan brand with which New Balance worked closely together.

Moreover, it is not without recalling that these sneakers owe their curves to a perfect mix of the New Baaance 320 from 1976, the New Balance 355 from 1977 and the New Balance SuperComp released in 1977. And that was enough to seduce Kendall Jenner and Katie Holmes, both appeared wearing these sneakers with athletic lines the same year as that of their appearance. Now ? You have to count on the fashion experts in the fashion sphere, starting with the Scandinavian Pernille Teisbaek, inseparable from these vintage shoes.

How to wear sneakers for style?

No longer just associated with sportswear, sneakers are associated with almost all of any self-respecting dressing room. We like the fact that sneakers are next to respectable clothes, namely those that fall into the tailoring category. Examples in mind? A trench coat, a blazer, pleated trousers, a shirt, a tie or any other item of clothing likely to meet the selection criteria. This mix and match mastered allows juggle with all styles, to create your own.

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