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This is what the little tab on the back of the shirts is (really) for

After having deciphered the usefulness of trouser rivets, the size of the jeans pocket, and the reverse buttoning of men’s and women’s shirts, the editorial team now tackles the functionality of the small tab present on the back of the shirts. A clothing detail that certainly could not escape you, whether or not you pay attention to the specifics of your clothes. And contrary to popular belief, this buckle on the back of the shirts does indeed fulfill a function in its own right, sometimes even several.

When the tab on the back of shirts replaces Cupid

If its name is derived from Anglicism lock loop, the tongue located at the back of the shirts was used in its beginnings for American students. In the 1960s, they used it to hang their physics-chemistry coats on the hook of their university locker room. All in all, it will be necessary to wait a few years for this same tongue to turn away from its primary function until it takes on a completely different turn.

And for good reason, the buckle on the back of the shirts later became a symbol of marital distinction. In other words, the tongue made it possible to understand at first glance the amorous availability of anyone. Thus, people in couples cut out the tab of their blouses, while the hearts to be taken retained their original state. A creative tradition, however disappeared over the years with the mass arrival of dating applications.

All in all nowadays, and independently of its diversions of function, the tongue located at the back of the shirt retains its place on the majority of models. In addition to adding a rewarding aesthetic, the lock loop allows to’hang up your shirt without the risk of wrinkling it. A sartorial asset beneficial to the holders, and for which ready-to-wear brands and costumers do not want to give up. As a fashion alternative, fashion labels customize the tabs on the back of blouses and shirts to differentiate between models, and sometimes offer a personalization service. Whether it’s the materials used, the prints, the colors… Every detail can be reinvented.

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