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this is what the new aviator jacket looks like this year!

Not ready to let go of the ballast, the bomber jacket confirms its notable presence in the specifications fashion trends 2022. A utilitarian piece, which we owe in part to Leslie Leroy Irvin, an American paratrooper who designed his cut in the 1920s, during the First World War. A jacket therefore stolen from the aeronautical locker room of the American Air Force, which subsequently became the prerogative of US rappers, then of the cinema and luxury industry, until being collected by amateurs. and fashion lovers, for its vintage charm.

Traditionally in nylon, and in leather sturdy, the bomber becomes again in 2022 the number enemy of the jacket in denim, which we prefer this season for the optimal coverage it provides. And while the whole of Paris -even the whole world- drew jackets shearling to take the leap in style, it seems that the era of outerwear in shearling has difficulty climbing the slope. The reason ? The crescendo of a new version of the jacket is all the more convincing, especially for fans of casual. ‘Cause this time it’s not about sheepskin, but an oversized dark or colorful nylon or leather jacket, which is already unanimous on the celebrity side.

Aviator jacket: the oversized bomber jacket without shearling, but in imitation leather

To reach the top in terms of style, the most influential designers, editors and personalities of our generation take turns appropriating XXL leather aviator jackets. Hailey Bieber, Pernille Teisbaek or the bubbly Emili Sindlev have now chosen their camp to fly in the air.

From bomber jackets oversized inspired by the fall-winter 2022 collections Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana, but not only, which can be found in various stores that we particularly like. Bershka, Nanushka, Monki or Asos… The aviator jackets relieved of shearling are ready for take-off.

Styling advice from our Fashion Journalist? Wear a bomber jacket open, over a wool bra, warmed up with high-waisted jeans, not forgetting a cap and trainers, to play the casual card to the fullest.

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