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This Is What The ‘Perfect Body’ Looks Like (That Doesn’t Exist), According To Science

The universities are constantly carrying out various studies of all kinds. Several have focused on the female body and more specifically on the measurements that men would prefer in women. Funny research at a time when body positive is still gaining momentum. A movement that aims to send a rather clear message: the perfect body does not exist and it is important to learn to love each other as we are, rather than wanting to modify one’s body to respond to the dictates of society.

the Mirror newspaper has gathered different results from studies conducted by universities to imagine what would be the most attractive body according to men. Which one would come closest? That of Kelly Brooka buxom British model who hates diets, who prefers to have fun and stay herself.

What would the face of the ideal woman look like?

Kelly Brook is not a size 36 and is proud of her curves. “Women in the 50’s were so much sexier. This is what I aspire to look like. I still think my mom gave me that face, that body, and I’m grateful for that. I don’t want to start playing with what she gave me” had confided the actress during an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine. A reasoning that we like a lot!

According to scientists, therefore, the “perfect” woman is a bit like her, either with long hair brown curly. Regarding his face, “men of all cultures are attracted to a childish face with big eyes and arched eyebrows” estimated Dr. Ben Jones of the Face Laboratory at the University of Aberdeen through his study.

The perfect body does not exist, the proof

For the rest of the body, the men surveyed by the universities of Gdansk (Poland) and Texas would have a preference for women with a waist circumference 1/3 smaller than their hips. Regarding the size, ideally it would measure 1m73.

But again, the perfect body does not exist. The proof is that we each have very different tastes. Even Kelly Brook who would approach the so-called feminine ideal is daily victim of body shaming through her social networks.

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