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This little girl was born with two colors of hair, due to a genetic anomaly

This 11-year-old English girl was born with half-blonde and half-brown hair. Indeed, Bella Hill who is a native of Lincoln explains this particularity by a sickness known as poliosis, this is known to create a lack of pigment in the hair. This singularity allows Bella, each morning, to decide which hair color she can match with her outfit.

Bella’s mom, Jenny Hill, was surprised to see her half-blonde, half-brown daughter’s little head when she was born, but ended up getting used to it, unlike ordinary people who are often surprised by this exceptional hair, these The latter constantly question her whether she dyed her hair or not.

Two hair colors for the price of one

The 35-year-old mother, nurse and student, claims that this distinctive feature is caused by poliosis, which creates a lack of pigment in the hair. The school girl even has different colored eyelashes, her right eyelashes are light in color while the left ones are dark.

Jenny said: “It’s really different and unique. My mother pointed it out when she was born, but at the time I hadn’t paid attention. “I asked about it during his six-week exam and the doctors just said “Ah yes” without really caring. “As parents, it’s more visible because you often look at your baby. This becomes more important as he grows. »

Bella’s mother, Jenny Hill, 35, said many people ask her if she dyes Bella’s hair to achieve this striking hair color. She also explains that she could rarely go to the supermarket without being stopped by curious passers-by.

Jenny explained that Bella chooses her hair color based on her outfits. When she wears pink and “girl outfits”, she wears her hair lighter. “In summer, the darker side becomes lighter. The blonde becomes icy, as if she has been bleached. However, when the girl wears her hoodies and joggers, she puts on the darker side of her hair.

A rare feature

None of Jenny’s other children have the same hair as Bella and the mum added that the family have only come across one other person who also has poliosis. Even as a baby, Bella’s hair started growing in both shades. Jenny, who worked as a hairdresser when she was pregnant with her daughter, said people joked and claimed it was because of the bleach she used at work.

Bella said: “A lot of school friends want my hair and some even ask me if I dye it. Jenny went one better, saying, “We got a lot of attention when she was little. Everyone told her that she shouldn’t touch her hair. »

The family adds, “We have only seen a person with similar hair once. It was at the supermarket, we saw another boy with a lock of hair like Bella’s. It was really exciting. Bella pointed at him and said “he has hair like me” so we went to see him because we had never seen that before. »

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