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This magic trick will change the way you put on your mascara

Having trouble getting the lashes you dream of? It is important to know that when it comes to mascara, the technical is just as important as the tools!

Once you’ve found the mascara that’s right for you, it’s super easy! But sometimes this is not enough and you need to find a method that will make your eyelashes voluminous and curled.

Makeup trend 2022: This mascara trick will make your eyelashes look fuller

Fortunately, ICT Tac full of tips of all kinds. We have also found you a brand new way to apply your mascara straight out of the most popular platform. tendency of recent years.

To lengthen and separate our eyelashes, we have all learned to apply the mascara brush from the base to the end of the eyelashes… But, the designer @makeupbylxna created a video specifically to show their followers a better way to apply their mascara for voluminous lashes and doe eyes!

The designer uses a method she calls the “ zigzag this trick involves pulling the skin from the outer corner of your eyes, you hold the mascara brush vertically, then you “zigzag” the brush from side to side over your lashes to coat the tip and the sides of your eyelashes. Then, to finish, you can just brush your lashes upwards from root to tip. Remember to remove all stains and voila: your lashes are much fuller and longer!

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