Monday, January 10, 2022

updated on Monday 10 January 2022

You will leave your favorite eyeliner in your makeup bag after trying this unusual technique with an almond!

Discover new makeup techniques? We love !

We always like to discover new makeup techniques that promise to sublimate us in a snap. When it is not cosmetic product releases that intrigue us, it is internet user tips that revolutionize our routine.

Almond or eyeliner?

Well this time it’s surprisingly use of an almond as … eyeliner.

Almond AND eyeliner!

Useful for the hair and the skin, but not only!

We already knew that the almond was good for our skin and our hair when it was in the form of an oil, but imagining using the nut itself for its everyday makeup had not crossed us at all. ‘spirit !

It’s TikTok who says it!

Well, TikTok’s beauty testers, each with more and more outlandish ideas than the last, showed us how to do it.
Please note, this video is above all a creative trick. It does not replace real beauty products which are designed to respect your skin.

How to use an almond as an eyeliner?

For this you will need 2 small utensils:

An almond and a lighter.

How to use an almond as an eyeliner?

Then all you have to do is burn the pointed end of the small fruit and wait for it to turn black. Once done, blow lightly so that it cools. (Really wait until the almond is no longer hot to apply it to your skin).

How to use an almond as an eyeliner?

You can now use the end as an eyeliner lead.

How to use an almond as an eyeliner?

How to use an almond as an eyeliner?

And do your makeup as usual!

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