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This makeup trick will give you a star complexion as soon as you wake up

It’s no mystery that TikTok is having a huge impact on the beauty community – whether it’s bringing hair growth oils back into the limelight or popularizing different makeup techniques, the “clock app” has it all. When a new beauty hack goes viral, the whole world is racing to put it to the test. The latest beauty trend taking over the For You pages is the white concealer. Yes, you read that right.

Gen Z caught wind of this makeup technique used by Hollywood stars in the 90s and early 2000s. When applied correctly, it instantly brightens your face and makes your eyes look more open. If you’re wondering what this trend is all about and if it actually works, read on for all the details.

Tiktok tip: A make-up technique that will revolutionize your beauty routine

Think back to 2009 and the beginnings of mainstream contouring. Tyra Banks and Eva Longoria layered their foundation over a pale concealer to brighten the underside of their eyes and create contrast with the bronzed contour applied under their cheekbones. We started wanting to know what makeup tricks glamor teams use to bring out their clients’ bone structure. And Kim Kardashian was busy building her future beauty empire by revealing her makeup secrets to her fans. Anyone else remember the crazy contour snaps she posted on Twitter so we could all see what was what?

The user @blumarinebae garnered over half a million likes on a video showing the rollback trick in action, applying white concealer in a triangle shape starting below the inner corner of the eye, working along from his nose, then taking the line back to the hairline.

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