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this mattifying powder that promises a flawless complexion

Star product of the networks at the moment, this mattifying powder shades the biggest brands. There she is.

Shining T-zone, Pores… No matter how hard we try work on a complexion to perfection in the morning, during the day he always ends up showing signs of fatigue. How then to display a flawless complexion at all times? We unearthed the miracle product thanks to the networks, and in addition, it costs (almost) nothing.

A mattifying powder that makes the pores of the skin disappear

TikTok is a veritable goldmine when it comes to sharing tips and amazing products. The proof again with this mattifying powder which was quickly adopted by all the make-up addicts of the application. The promise ? A smooth complexion and tightened skin pores. To see the results on video, the results we already want to seize them too. In a stroke of the brush, the skin texture is transformed.

A key ingredient behind the success of the mattifying powder

The secret of the effectiveness of this powder lies mainly in one ingredient: rice powder. This is not a novelty or even a revolution since this ingredient has been used for years to perfect the complexion whether in makeup or skincare. It can be found in particular in tonic and exfoliating lotions, but also in facial scrubs. This does not detract from the effectiveness of the powder. The name of this miracle product: NYX Cosmetics Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Mattifying Powder. We also like its very affordable price, under the 10€ mark which contributes to the Wahou effect.

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