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this MIRACLE technique promises to erase the double chin and reshape the face!

On social networks, and especially on TikTok, this method has accumulated hundreds of millions of views! Restructured lower face, gummed double chin, jawline refined, smoothed naso-labial wrinkles… It must be said that its promises are numerous.

But then, what is it exactly? Dr. Lisa Hanrad – dentist and collaborator happybrush (company specializing in oral care) – enlighten us!

What is the mewing ?

According to her, ” Dr John Mew and his son Dr Mike Mew are considered the inventors of the ‘mewing’ that bears their name”. The latter observed that the human appetite for cooked and soft foods tends to modify the structure of the jaw and wished to remedy this.

the mewing is a rehabilitation based on the repositioning of the tongue and aims to rebalance the cheekbones / jaw / chin axis. Dr. Lisa Hanrad specifies that it is a technique ” which aims to correct the position of the jaw by playing on the position or the tension of the tongue”. “We even sometimes talk about a remodeling of the face”she says.

Already known and recommended by professionals, this method is exploding on social networks. Thanks to #mewingusers are discovering the benefits of this free exercise, which is simple to put into practice and which promises visible results in just a few weeks!

Mewing : manual

Do you want to experience the mewing ? Know that the simple fact of consuming hard foods (nuts, beans, dried meat, etc.) already helps strengthen the jaw. ” It is important here to chew especially with the back teeth, because the front teeth are only intended for biting”insists Dr. Lisa Hanrad.

Specific exercises also make it possible to practice the mewing. The fact of placing the whole tongue on the palate is already one in its own right. ” This also includes the back part of the tongue, so that it fits directly between the molars and the wisdom teeth”describes Dr. Lisa Hanrad.

Another possible exercise: the tongue chewing » (chewing tongue): It involves pressing a chewing gum against the palate with the tongue in order to strengthen the muscles”, explains the specialist. Know that when the muscles of the tongue are underdeveloped; these exercises can turn out to be more complicated than they look!

Keeping your tongue in this position makes it possible to refine the lower part of the face; improve jaw posture; to lift it and push it forward… Be careful, the mewing does not replace dental braces.

Dr. Lisa Hanrad warns that this technique can “ aggravate or even cause problems such as pain or tension in the area of ​​the masticatory muscles, especially in people already affected by teeth grinding”. She recommends not hesitating to consult your dentist, orthodontist or speech therapist before trying the mewing.

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