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this MIRACLE trick to camouflage dark circles will amaze you!

Whether they are colored, dug, or in relief, do your dark circles make you complex? The good news is that there are plenty of tricks to camouflage them when they are particularly pronounced. If none of them has yet proven itself to you, the one we decipher in this article may be about to change the game…

It is on the TikTok social network that this concealer technique – popularized by the makeup artist Painted By Spencer – began to be talked about. Today, it has more and more followers (and its effectiveness is obviously not for nothing)! Original as you wish, it combines the use of two cosmetic products that you would never have thought you would have to mix: blush and concealer.

Why mix blush with your concealer?

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And for good reason: the latter are usually used to sublimate two very distinct parts of the face during the make-up. A touch of blush on the cheeks to give pep to the beauty treatment; a touch of concealer under each eye to illuminate the look: they do not merge.

But then, what do we really gain by mixing these two beauty products? Why is this unusual combination so effective in making dark circles disappear? What result should we expect by adopting it? This is what we explain to you here! To your notes.

It is clear that a simple layer of concealer is not always enough when it comes to sublimating the look. And for good reason, some eye contours are more marked than others and some mornings are more difficult too! Additional coverage is necessary in this case and this is precisely what the use of blush brings to the level of the ring.

The color of dark circles is neutralized!

@makeupbyalissiac Mixing liquid blush with my concealer has changed my life #BeautyHacks #BeautyReview #makeuptutorial ♬ Under Eye Blush – SPENCER

If the blush is so effective applied in this amazing way, it’s because the color it takes on helps to neutralize dark circles. Whether the blush you’re used to using tends towards pink, apricot or coral, it doesn’t matter!

This trick is similar to the technique of applying lipstick to the dark circle. The blush has nothing to envy. Indeed, unlike the latter, it brings a real lightness to the eye contour (particularly sensitive area of ​​the face) and thus does not weigh down the eyes. Forget the unsightly effect cakey !

So, convinced? To adopt this trick as it should, you just have to apply blush directly to the hollow of your dark circles, before blending it with your fingertips by adding a touch of concealer. Note that the use of a cream blush is strongly recommended to carry out this technique and display a perfect result!

Look lifted, eye contour smoothed, traces of fatigue gone… What more could you ask for? Definitely, blush is really our best ally! After the cheeks and the tip of the nose, it is the look that this cosmetic begins to brilliantly sublimate! A few taps with the fingertip are enough for the magic to work…

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