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This new way of wearing the shirt will be everywhere this summer 2022

Notice to style enthusiasts, amateurs or confirmed. We hold in our hands the fashion trend which will mark the start of the summer. If last year fashion journalists, stylists and social media pros unknowingly joined in by wearing their shirts semi-hidden in their trouser waists, this season it’s a completely different gimmick. In order to acquire even more fashion potential and to stand out with ease, the trendiest women of the moment ensure an irreproachable look in wearing their shirts the same way.

How do fashionistas wear the shirt in 2022?

The Scandinavian Darja Barannik, the French based in London Camille Charrière, the English Rikke Krefting, or the American living in Copenhagen Anna Winck… The girls who matter in terms of style agree for spring. Their plot? Fully or partially button their shirt and no longer roll up their sleevesbut let them overtake. The goal? Bring an extra style to spring jackets, without requiring a complex dress practice. A fashion twist therefore within everyone’s reach, and which will soon be adopted by the entire fashion sphere.

Which trendy shirt to choose for the summer?

For the summer, we prioritize the shirts oversized colorful, which are part of the vitaminized chromatic palettes of neon green, candy pink, mimosa yellow or even purple. Once this step is over, we grant our long sleeve blouse with a denim jacket, a leather, cotton or linen blazer. The Frankie ShopSee by Chloe, Marlo Porto Vecchio, Uniqlo and its new linen collection… Most of the fashionable brands offer the most beautiful variations of shirts. Another option? The thrift store, or our already well-stocked dressing room.

The shirt: a timeless piece that is modernizing

Stolen from men to be monopolized by the fairer sex, the shirt made its appearance in Antiquity. From the Middle Ages, it was primarily a nightwear or even an undergarment, intended to be camouflaged under a suit or a male jacket. It was not until 1950 that the shirt was patented and became a symbol of social distinction. On the one hand, white collars are for high-ranking employees, while blue collars are reserved for workers. If in fact and in the collective unconscious, the shirt is today as much the stylistic attribute of women and men, this operational change did not however occur until the short years 1920-1930.

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