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This particular green shirt is most prized by fashion pros

While eyes had previously been on flowing dresses and suits, this left plenty of time for fashion pros to experiment with new outfits. Now, the latter are setting their sights on the shirt which becomes the evidence of their summer looks in perspective. A stylistic revival that is reminiscent of the fashion effect launched by Kendall Jenner last year, who extolled the merits of a neon green shirt The Frankie Shop.

Neither one nor two, this Franco-New York label led by designer Gaëlle Drevet then attracted the favors of the most cutting-edge celebrities, and style aficionados from all walks of life.. An object of desire sold out in stride, which makes it a safe bet that the new shirt worn by these same stars of social networks will suffer the same fate by the summer holidays. What do we covet? An almond green shirt, cut oversized.

Summer 2022 shirt: almond green as the star color

As if picked from the men’s wardrobe, this pastel green shirt refreshes the wardrobe of girls who have mastered the rules of conduct in fashion. For her part, the Scandinavian Jeanette Madsen is taking advantage of her sunny vacation to profile her new acquisition. A green shirt Rotate, coordinated with elasticated shorts in the same color as is the tradition that has been carried on since last year.

Familiar with ultra-colorful clothes, her sidekick Emili Sindlev also slips into this same ensemble almond green that she chooses in a loose version, just to respect a certain cool attitude.

A tendency also confirmed by Elsa Hosk, who proves that this green shirt so coveted can just as easily be tucked into the waist of chic high-waisted pants. Proof of the versatility of this fashion piece in its own right.

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