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this plastic surgery operation that she bitterly regrets

Known for her unfailing outspokenness, Eve Angeli confided candidly about her breast augmentation during an interview with Jordan de Luxe for Tele-Leisure.

An operation to which the singer had recourse very young and which she bitterly regrets today. “If I had been told how painful it would be, I wouldn’t have done it”she breathes.

Eve Angeli “butchered”: “it’s torture”

And to specify: We’re carving you up. If you want it to be natural, it’s behind the muscle, so you have recovery behind, you’re in pain for a long time (…) We have like a muscle tear and it’s torture, we stay with a blindfold for a week or two”.

“We have to wash with it, we sleep with it, we are compressed. It’s a horror,” remembers the interpreter of Before leaving who has long been complexed by his chest.

“A manufacturing defect”

Indeed, the young woman, then aged 22, wanted to correct what she considered to be a ” manufacturing defect “, to know, “one breast smaller than the other”.

I was still well proportioned, naturally very pretty. Thank you Dad, thank you Mom! “, she relativizes today.

Before going through the plastic surgery box, Eve Angeli seemed unable to accept her body… to the point of informing her boyfriends beforehand of what she then considered an anomaly.

I didn’t get 10,000 before my husband. But for the little that I had, each time I told them. Before revealing myself, I declared ‘Attention, I warn you, I have a manufacturing defect’“, assures the actress who is finally” went from a B cup to a C “.

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