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this product for less than 15€ to have on the beach, according to the experts

Our beauty gestures are evolving. A few years ago, we would not imagine applying sunscreen outside of the summer period or our winter holidays in the mountains for skiing. At least we didn’t understand the point. However, now more of us know the importance of putting a sunscreen on our face every day. The UV rays diffused by the sun are harmful to the skin and it has been proven.

In 2013, the medical journal Annals of Internal Medicine unveiled the results of an Australian study highlighting the importance of applying sun protection daily, throughout the year, to slow down the appearance of spots, wrinkles and sagging skin. skin). The Rays UVA and UVB are responsible for premature skin aging, but can also cause burns, or even certain skin diseases such as Civatte’s poikiloderma or worse, skin cancer.

The best sunscreen is French

As you will have understood, it is therefore essential to integrate a cream with a sun index into your skincare routine. But then, which one to choose among the huge choice offered by the brands? To get hold of THE ideal SPF treatment (the one that will correspond to both our skin type and our skin problem, while taking into consideration the sensoriality and the effectiveness of the product), we can count on the recommendations of dermatologists but also the prizes awarded by experts.

A few days ago, and more precisely on May 23, the Dutch Beauty Awards have awarded various beauty prizes. Of course, sunscreens have not escaped their test benches. And one treatment in particular caught the jury’s attention. Surprise ! This is a sunscreen designed by a French brand.

UVA, UVA, blue light: complete protection

Care Avène Thermal Spring Water Intense Protect SPF 50+ has indeed been able to pull out of the game and obtain first place in the ranking of sunglasses. It must be said that it has everything to please. As reported Female Versionthis cosmetic product convinced the jurors with its ability to adapt to everyone and everywhere, “from babies to the beach, to bootcamp”. They also appreciated its well thought-out composition which offers both high protection against the UV rays diffused by the sun and which soothes then nourishes the skin. As a bonus, the Eau Thermale Avène Intense Protect SPF 50+ treatment has a formulation environmentally friendly suitable for sensitive skin since it is fragrance-free.

Another little extra: the Intense Protect SPF 50+ treatment from Eau Thermale Avène not only protects the skin from UVA rays (responsible for dark spots, DNA lesions or even skin cancer) and UVB rays. (responsible for sunburn). The brand has seen further by adding a blue light protection of High Visible Energy. Diffused in particular by our screens, it can also damage our skin.

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