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this special pair of sneakers is the most popular

As the summer season looms timidly but surely, no pretext would have been more perfect than this, to meet the fashion trends which are predestined to mark the summer. And as usual, the shopping platform Lyst highlights what are the pieces that Internet users covet the most during this first quarter 2022. Thus, it is by analyzing the behavior of its 160 million annual visitors and Google data that Lyst was able to come to one and the same conclusion: New Balance 327 are the most popular sneakers of this beginning of the year.

Are we surprised at the editorial staff? Absolutely not, since as our Fashion Journalist premeditated last February, these low-top sneakers already suggested that they would win all the votes once spring-summer arrived. And here is what earned us this triumphant return.

New Balance 327: the best performing sneakers of summer 2022

Ready to become Bestsellers from the eponymous brand founded in 1906, the New Balance 327 achieve unbelievable performances on the Internet, and social networks. Worn by model Kendall Jenner in April 2020, just after making their first appearance in the signed menswear show Charaf Tajer: Casablanca (the Franco-Moroccan brand with which New Balance had collaborated), these legendary sneakers are once again ubiquitous. Whether in the subway, at work, at university, high school or even college, New Balance 327 land in all courses of the style, and are not limited to age. A spectacular craze that these emblematic sneakers owe in priority to their particular design.

Perfect sneakers for running everywhere this summer

Far from being basic shoes, the New Balance 327 combine lines that are both contemporary athletic and retro, inspired by the 1970s. And for good reason, this model of sports shoes is a sweet mix of the New Balance 320 (1976), the New Balance 355 (1977) and the New SuperComp scale released in 1977. But that’s not all. This new version has something for all fashion enthusiasts, since it consists of a wedge sole with studs, which flare out at the heel in an angular fashion. Modern, vintage, accessible, comfortable and highly trendy, what more could you ask for in running shoes?

How to wear sneakers in town to have style?

Without going through the sport box, it is widely possible or even recommended to wear sneakers to change from the pumps that hurt your feet so much. The look recommended by our style expert? New Balance 327 shoes, a linen skirt split to reveal part of the legs, white socks with frills to bring a fashion supplement to the sneakers, a loose white shirt, and a sober shouldered blazer.

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