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this technique to have swollen lips WITHOUT injections is a miracle

TikTok’s makeup tips range from the game-changing ones (it turns out freezing your Beauty Blender is actually legitimate) to the downright silly ones (like drawing a pair of glasses on your face with concealer to hide dark circles – weird but it works). This week, nothing has reached viral status like the lip lift trick, which promises plump, beautifully contoured lips without injectables or anything like that. All you need is a great lip liner.

Surgery, Botox, fillers, and tattoos can all make your upper lip thicker, but every cosmetic treatment has its downsides. Surgical facelifts involve recovery, injectables require follow-up for maintenance, and all procedures cost a pretty penny.

Tiktok hack: Full lips in no time without a scalpel

If you want to avoid cosmetic procedures – or if you want to improve the effects of ones you’ve already had – you shouldn’t overlook the impact that strategic placement of the lip liner can have. At least that’s what I think Kim Kardashian makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic and founder of Makeup By Mario, who developed a technique to mimic the effect of a lip lift with makeup. Pick up your favorite lip liner, because beauty school is open.

Don’t highlight the corners because you’re going to make your face fall down“Mario said in his TikTok video, explaining a mistake many of us could make when using the lip liner. ” Instead, this will give you an instant facelift“. Using his Makeup by Mario Ultra Suede Sculpting Lip Liner, £ 22, Mario took the custom brush at the end and applied a bit of foundation or concealer to the corners of the mouth to make the lips super crisp. . This operation is optional, but Mario explains that it gives the lips an even more marked and raised aspect. You can even take the brush and blend the pencil into the lips to give them more dimension.

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