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this trendy cut is IDEAL to give them volume

If disciplining thick hair is not an easy task, giving movement to fine hair is nothing more obvious! Does your hair lack volume? Are they thin, flat, even sparse? In this case, you are well placed to know!

Fortunately, some techniques exist to give volume to the hair! It is clear that a few scissors can be part of the process. But then, what haircut to adopt on fine hair? Verdict!

Short or bob cut, mid-length or layered cut… Several options are available to you to add volume to your hair. If all these haircuts are great timeless, it is to the degraded lengths that we dedicate this article!

Fine hair: the degraded cut is all good

And for good reason: spotted on the catwalks and in the streets of the Fashion Week de Paris, this cut promises to sublimate all the hair in the months to come! And especially fine hair.

This season, we wear the gradient on the locks that frame the face, as if to emphasize its shape. The rest of the hair stays straight. On the catwalks, smooth and disciplined lengths are as popular as ever!

The good news is that this cut can be adopted on short and mid-length hair as well as long hair. Without restrictions, it adds character to any length and instantly boosts volume!

volume and movement

It’s a fact: thanks to its voluminous and fluid finish, the gradient gives movement and character to even the finest hair! Finally, for that: it still has to be well done…

It’s a fact: the gradient is adopted in all lightness (at the risk of refining the hair even more). As you will have understood, on fine hair, too frank a gradient is not at all recommended. To say bye to your flat hair, you can also turn to products such as the Aveda thickening styling spray.

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