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this trendy jacket is the only one chosen by the coolest fashionistas to boost their style

Because nothing escapes our Fashion Journalist, the latter was already presenting this jacket last October which she then predestined to success. Thing promised, thing due, never has a utilitarian garment been talked about as much as the bomber jacket. Omnipresent in February in the streets of Copenhagen, now this faux fur jacket now lands on the ground of the street style New Yorker. Therefore, if there is one model that the coolest girls all bet on, it is this one. Emili Sindlev, Pernille Teisbaek, Vanessa Hong and their style colleagues therefore agree to claim the wearing of bomber in 2022. A return to basics for this lined jacket, which however did not suggest that it would continue to appear in the category of fashion essentials.

Bomber: here’s why the aviator jacket replaces wool coats and denim jackets

Representative of its iconic retro charm, the aviator jacket took some time before gaining altitude and landing in the fashion expert locker room. And for good reason, before convincing the fashion sphere of its indispensability, the bomber originally dressed army aircraft pilots in World War I. Imagined in the 1920s by Leslie Leroy Irvin, an American paratrooper, the aviator jacket has its own fashion DNA. His signature ? An ostentatious sheepskin lining and collar that adjoins the leather, imitation or genuine that covers it. Thematic insulation adapted to the extreme temperatures to which pilots of the time were exposed, flying in unpressurized cockpits.

Far from shedding its stylistic details that maintain its charm, the bomber continues to seduce the crowd, but this time, from a fashion pro. And we understand why. Between the return of the vintage style and the 1970s – period during which the aviator jacket was fished out by Jean Paul Gaultier – and the enthusiasm encountered for utilitarian clothing diverted from their primary function, the bomber could only achieve unanimity. To wear it? The best options are concentrated in this selection of images, captured during Fashion Week 2022. With synthetic leather pants, a balaclava and XXL sunglasses, the canonized bomber the silhouette of the girls who become followers. We also approve of wearing this faux fur jacket with colorful or even printed clothes to accentuate the vintage effect.

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