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this trendy model outdated the classic suit

Highly valuable, the tailor for women has been able to dust off her image officewear a bit too strict with which it has long been associated. If it retains its charm of yesteryear, and still imposes itself as the alter ego of men’s suits, the women’s suit uninhibited its look to no longer be limited to business women, but to address fashionistas of all ages, and from all social and professional environments.

Zara signs the most vitaminized women’s suit of the summer

Never boring again, the pantsuit traditional is eclipsed by its formal cut. No longer just coordinated with loose darted trousers, the blazer, which officiates as the flagship piece of this clothing range, sometimes breaks down to make way for other similar jackets. And this season, we had to rely on ready-to-wear brands and in particular Zarato reissue one of the biggest hits of spring 2020: the cropped suit.

Whether or not one is familiar with this fashion trend, it is impossible to ignore it given its ubiquity in the past. Appreciated by celebrities from all over the world and with a keen sense of style, this suit is wonderfully available in a short skirt with elegant stitching, and a short blazer jacket above the navel whose waist is tied with a belt fabric that makes all the difference.

An ideal wedding guest outfit, but not only

Why do we like him at the editorial office? For its practical-chic appearance, allowing it to adapt just as well to an outing in town, as to a ceremony of marriage, or a day at the office. But that’s not all. In addition to its shock arguments, this highly feminine suit ticks all the boxes since it is tinted orange, one of the colors flagship of summer 2022, allowing as a bonus to give a peach complexion to the women who wear it by waking up all skin tones.

For the entire clothing lot? Count a little less than 76 euros. Depending on the authorized budget, you can either get only the top or the bottom, and buy the complement next month, or wear the jacket or the shorts with other clothes. Jeans to go with the cropped blazer, and a crochet blouse to combine with the jacket.

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