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this wedding trend to take the plunge

While we thought that the stylistic bases were well established, they finally thwarted all predictions. And for good reason, ignoring the legendary wedding dresssome fashionistas have decided to play the daring card by dressing with a bridal swimsuit for the d-day.

This is particularly the case of Kate Turner, 27, a bride from Brooklyn Heights who told the New York Post couldn’t resist the trend bridal. ” I said yes to the bikini clarified the young woman. Thus, to unite with her husband, the latter bet on a swimsuit removable with a tutu in tulle inspired by Carrie Bradshaw. The perfect opportunity to reveal part of the skin with sensuality, even in front of the guests.

Bridal swimsuit: the new wedding trend that is a hit

Perfect to adapt to the changing climate according to the place of wedding ceremonythe bridal swimsuit meets a particular enthusiasm thanks to the brands which continue to decline various versions. For its part, the La Chenille Bridal label suggests tailor-made models for any future bride.

How to make a bridal swimsuit yourself?

Similarly, another option is possible for those who do not necessarily have the desire, nor the means to spend several hundred or even thousand euros, to compose their bridal look. The fashion tip? Buy one white swimsuit immaculate, choose a bikini or a one-piece model, and combine it with a train or tulle skirt more or less long according to the desires of each.

A godsend, for those who would like to open the festivities and jump into the water in a bridal swimsuitas advocated by summer 2022 wedding trends. Proof, with selection bridal, composed by us. But let us be reassured, this fashion trend is not incompatible with the ancestral wedding dress, since it is possible to put on the white swimsuit if the estate has a swimming pool, or if the union is done directly on the beach.

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