Thursday, February 24, 2022

updated on Thursday, February 24, 2022

Are you looking to find out what will be the little extra that will add extra style to your outfits in spring 2022? Trust us, this way of wearing the shoes will have everyone on board by next season. And here’s how.

No doubt you passed it in September 2019, this mod trende which operates a comeback is in the process of imposing itself for the spring. His sleight of hand? It consists of tie the straps of our shoes -and more particularly our sandals- over our pants or our knee high socks. A simple detail but which nevertheless makes all the difference in terms of style, and all the more so in this era where wanting to stand out is the objective of the whole community.

How to adopt the spring 2022 shoe trend?

To follow in the footsteps of spring trendmultiple headliners invited to the parades of Fashion Week take the opportunity to show the way forward. For her part, Annabel Rosendahl ties the straps of her Stretch sandals by Bottega Veneta on socks assorted neon green. To highlight her outfit, the Scandinavian fashionista opts for a superposition of a white t-shirt and a shirt stashed in gathered paper bag shorts. Something to highlight her legs and in particular her way of wearing the spring shoes.

On the sidelines, the Italian Erika Boldrin anticipates the new season by adapting to sandals whose leather straps are tied over her loose pants. The idea? Tighten her cut and bring an extra touch of style to her outfit. The most beautiful stylistic combo that we can recommend to you? Wear flared jeans -flare, bootcut or wide leg- then cut your hems with the straps of your heeled sandals. All this, accompanied by a blazer jacket worn next to the skin, and a shoulder bag. Guaranteed effect!

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